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April 19, 2023
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EHNAC_LogosDataMotion Direct Summary

DataMotion™ Direct permits health care providers to receive and send PHI* with other Direct target holders to fulfill MU2 requirements, comply with HIPAA, and improve health information change.

  • Secure and interoperable
  • Integrates with significant EHR/EMR methods
  • Provider and client details
  • Enhance changes of attention
  • Attest for


Government initiatives also incentives have encouraged the adoption of digital healthcare & health records solutions from many vendors. Unfortunately, this multi-vendor environment has created individual countries and closed companies of records that simply cannot be shared effortlessly and securely between health care providers making use of various solutions. This restricts the worth of EHR/EMR, particularly if consultation across health communities or transitions of care are expected.


On the basis of the national encryption standard for firmly trading medical medical data online, DataMotion™ Direct enables secure messaging for medical providers, patients, company associates, and clinical systems. Making use of DataMotion™ Direct, PHI is sent and received securely, in a manner that conforms to MU2 tips. It supports the transmission of a variety of sensitive data, including summary of care documents, large images, and personal messages. Additionally it combines easily with existing EMR/EHR solutions to totally help in-network and out-of-network communications.

DataMotion is a certified Health Ideas supplier (HISP), provisioning Direct solutions that are completely interoperable with other HISPs. Whenever DataMotion™ Direct is entrusted with all the delivery of secure emails, documents, and images, that information is prepared and kept in a ‘mission critical’ way after the best practices of powerful encryption, checksums, tragedy data recovery, large availability, and data backup. Safe data delivery happens to be the core of DataMotion’s business since 1999 making sure your ability to satisfy HIPAA conformity and important Use requirements.


  • Significant utilize phase 2 – satisfy requirements for protected exchange and Direct
  • Reduce Business Risk – Protect your brand name and reputation by preventing data leaks
  • Improve Compliance – reduce experience of regulatory violations
  • Seamless correspondence – definitely trade PHI with providers and medical systems both in and from your primary network
  • Improve Care and include prices – Harness the capability of smooth data trade through mail, file transfer, additionally the power of cloud processing to create quicker and better-informed choices while cutting the expense of faxes, printing, postage, and courier solutions

Item Functions:

DataMotion™ Direct delivers enterprise-class security to healthcare providers and company colleagues of most sizes:

  • Direct Safe Messaging functionality (S/MIME, SMTP, XDM/XDR+SOAP)
  • Built-in with leading EHRs (i.e., )
  • Qualified with more than 40 EHR vendors
  • Standalone addresses and use with the
  • Provides a and printing functionality
  • Integrates with federated Healthcare Provider Directories
  • Optimized for use with preferred cellular devices
  • Automatic certification administration
  • Automated self-service user onboarding
  • Standardized ONC metrics reporting
  • Handles large image and document data up to 2GB
  • Robust APIs allow seamless integration into EHR systems and client portals
“This EHR Module is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC‐ACB in accordance with the relevant certification criteria followed by the Secretary of the U.S. division of Health and Human Services. This certification does not express an endorsement because of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Solutions.”
Vendor name: DataMotion, Inc., Date Certified:, Product variation: DataMotion Direct 6.1, qualified for: EHR Module (Inpatient), Criteria Certified: 170.314(g)(4); (h)(1-3), Certification ID Number: 082-6, Clinical Quality steps Certified: None, any extra software relied upon to approve: nothing
Vendor name: DataMotion, Inc., Date Certified:, Product Version: DataMotion Direct 6.1, qualified for: EHR Module (Ambulatory), Criteria Certified: 170.314(g)(4); (h)(1-3), Certification ID quantity: 082-6, medical Quality Measures licensed: None, Any additional pc software relied upon to approve: nothing
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