Direct Mail Processors

March 19, 2023

Direct Mail Processors, Inc. (DMP) is a leading provider of caging/lockbox, data entry, data scanning, escrow accounting, fulfillment and clerical services to the Non-Profit community. The majority of our client base is comprised of non-profit/fundraising organizations. DMP also works with advertising agencies, marketing companies and telemarketing firms to provide services to their clients. We have grown our business by offering unparalleled customer service, our flexibility to accommodate special requirements and by developing the best system practices utilizing our 15+ years of direct mail processing experience. Our core business is caging, response processing and data capture.

Our staff knows the importance of the work they perform for our clients. We are fortunate as an organization to be headquartered in a community where integrity and hard work are still recognized as being important.


DMP’s commitment is to provide for our clients quality-caging services in a secure environment at the lowest cost possible. These services include but are not limited to: pickup of mail, depositing donations, capturing data, and reporting. Our employees are all held to a high level of excellence. We offer our clients and their donors a level of quality service and personalized attention that is unparalleled in the industry. Plus, DMP's efficient and economical processing enables clients to reduce their administrative costs, their operational costs and maximize revenues: a tangible contribution to their bottom line.

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G Lock Email Processor
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