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March 9, 2021
Direct mail campaign

direct post innovations - mailman holding mailpiecesIn 2014, the USPS is embracing development and motivating using technologies that produce mail even more interactive and effective for clients.

Listed here are 5 innovations your business can start embracing* to help improve your direct-mail results:

Every Door Direct-mail

That is an internet solution that enables business mailers to achieve consumers by neighborhood, city, or ZIP Code. You can easily map on a target area, usage demographic information (particularly a target age, home earnings, and dimensions) to choose a delivery route, select a mailing disappear time, and spend online—all from your computer.

2nd Ounce Free

Continuing the cost savings from last year, commercial mailers can use the “free 2nd ounce” to enclose marketing materials, advertising, coupons, alongside messages due to their customers.

Our PlanetPress computer software allows you to create full-color, tailored, messaging towards statements and invoices, to assist your business take advantage of this offer.

Smart Mail

The smart Mail barcode identifies individual bits of post, trays, sacks, and containers of mail and tracks all of them through handling system — from induction to delivery. This permits for higher exposure of messages and package deliveries – making it possible for insights for the mailing/shipping process.

Picture Permit Imprint Indicia

Introduced in 2012, the Picture Permit Indicia enables commercial mailers to modify their particular license imprint on First-Class and Standard Mail letters and cards. What type of personalization performs this mean? The sky’s the limit (very nearly)! Start thinking about a logo, brand name or item picture, or an image. Picture Permit can raise brand awareness which help marketplace specific products.

Direct-mail and Tech

Direct mail and technology can perhaps work together for connecting mailers to digitally savvy customers. Some examples consist of:

Converts interest into action. A 2-D barcode is scanned with a smart-phone and supply quick access to sites alongside online media.

Change a “live” scene into a “virtual experience”! Customers can interact with information in a fresh, interesting method. Including, a mailpiece is scanned to show the mailer’s vision of the future regarding the display. Augmented the truth is a great way to expand the employment and impact of mail.

Innovative Marketing Direct
Innovative Marketing Direct
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Transformailer - The latest innovation in direct mail
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Impact Partnership Creates Innovative Direct Mail Program ...
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