Modern Postcard templates

March 7, 2023
Modern Postcard Templates with

Please call 800.959.8365 to place an order for this product.

Image Credit: Joao Canziani Photography

Paper Options Available:

Please Note: Some paper options may require additional turnaround time, different pricing and cannot be purchased through our online system. Please call us at 800.959.8365 for pricing information, additional details, or to place your order.

Put key news and updates directly in the hands of your customers and prospects. Once unfolded, the inside gives you so many fun options - create a high impact poster or even a massive product display.

Product Options:

  • Color Proof
  • Perforation
  • Custom Trim
  • Additional Specs:

    Mail Rate: Mails at First Class & Standard Mail Letter rate
    Color: Full Color Front / Full Color Back
    Printing: 240 Line screen printing for sharp, clear color
    Coating: Gloss Aqueous

    Price Includes:

  • Quality check by our artists and print specialists
  • Design-it-yourself templates and specifications
  • Layout services (if required)
  • 1 outside image (scanned or supplied digitally)
  • 1 inside logo
  • Inside typesetting (up to 200 words)
  • Folding and sealing
  • Please call to discuss turnaround time options
  • Basic Layout Information:

  • Bleed: 1/16" (.0625 of an inch) will be trimmed off each side of your product.
  • Borders: Borders should be .25" thick from the bleed edge (3/16" or .1875" from trim). 3/16" is minimum border recommended.
  • Safe Area:
  • Elements too close to or over the trim edge may trim into or leave a visible leak.
  • Borders thinner than 3/16" from bleed edge may appear uneven when trimmed.
  • Images bordering the trim edge may cause a leak on final cards. Images should "bleed" off the page.
  • Images: CMYK @ 355dpi (1200dpi for Bitmaps)
  • Postal regulations: If your cards will be mailed, please ensure that your layout complies with the USPS Postal Regulations.
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