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September 17, 2020
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Our Advertising Mail service is designed to help your direct mail campaign reach your existing customers and acquire new ones. With a choice of flexible delivery options and precision targeting, we’ll help you get more from your mail campaign.

What can you send?

We’ll deliver a range of printed materials, including letters, parcels, and books. Check below to see which format your mail fits into.

Mail formats
Format Dimensions (max) Weight limit Examples
Letter 240mm x 165mm x 5mm Up to 100g Direct mail letter folded in envelope
Large letter 353mm x 250mm x 25mm Up to 750g Direct mail letter/small brochure unfolded in envelope
Large letter (machine readable) 345mm x 245mm x 10mm
Parcels (shoebox size) 120mm x 250mm x 350mm Up to 2kg Promotional samples or creative piece of DM
Parcels (board game size) 60mm x 350mm x 450mm Larger promotional samples or creative piece of DM
Big Book B4 (353x250mm) 750 ̶ 1500g Big catalogue brochure (can bend to fit in letterbox)
Heavyweight 750 ̶ 3000g Very large unbendable promotional catalogue

What Royal Mail services can you use with Advertising Mail?

To start using Advertising Mail, you’ll need to be an Online Business Account holder.

Use the following services when you mail a minimum of 1, 000 letters, large letters and parcels, or 250 unsorted large letters.

  • Next working day delivery with 1st Class
  • Delivery within 2–3 working days with 2nd Class

Pre-sort your mail and send a minimum of 4, 000 letters or 1, 000 large letters and parcels to benefit from these additional delivery options:

  • Economy delivery within 4 working days, after the day of posting
  • Economy deferred delivery within 4 working days, after a nominated date

Big Book for bulky catalogues or brochures

Use our Big Book service to mail catalogues, magazines, and brochures that weigh between 750–1, 500g. You must send over 12, 000 items to use this service and your delivery can be booked up to four weeks in advance of your planned delivery date.

Heavyweight service for large parcels

Our Heavyweight service allows you to send heavier items, weighing between 750–3, 000g, in higher volumes to customers along with their daily mail. You must send over 12, 000 items to use this service.

Need your mail collecting?

If you pre-sort your items and spend over £15, 000 per year, we’ll collect your mail for free. One-off and regular collection services are also available to businesses spending less than this amount, for a charge.

Ways to save

Send your mail with machine-readable barcodes or use OCR fonts to make savings on your delivery. We also offer reduced rates if you can pre-sort your mail before we pick it up.

Mailmark Migration Consultation

We have published a Mailmark Migration consultation document. We would very much welcome your responses to the questions in that document before 5pm on Friday 7th August.

The Mailmark option for machine-readable mail was successfully launched in January 2014. Customers pay a lower price for the Mailmark option compared to OCR and Barcode. In addition, we offer free, on-line Mailmark performance reporting. We therefore believe there is no need to maintain a more expensive, second barcode option that doesn’t offer reporting and would like to simplify our product portfolios by removing Sorted & Unsorted Barcode options from January 2017. We understand that may be a significant change and so we would welcome your views before finalising any plans.

Anything else you need to know?

For full service details, check the Terms & Conditions below.

Advertising Mail rate card

What Direct Mail can do for your business
What Direct Mail can do for your business
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