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April 20, 2023
Direct Mail | Bulk Mail

How many times have you heard someone complain about politics and state that they were going to write their congressman? Countless, I’m sure, as we’ve all been frustrated with the political landscape or a particular policy at one time or another – if not always. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to reach your representatives in Congress today: by phone, by email and/or contact form, by letter, and by postcard. Of those, postcards are my favorite methods for reaching out to state representatives and senators, particularly for organized causes such as nonprofit organizations that can attract hundreds of senders or more. Here are five reasons why you should send postcards to senators for political advocacy.

1. Visual reaction

One of the better reasons for postcards could be the capacity to consist of a striking picture on front. Such visuals usually have a lot more impact than copy alone. One company had been recently releasing a campaign to alert associates about dense, green algal blooms inside their pond. They delivered postcards that portrayed the situation: a disgusting green mess. That image told the complete story immediately.

2. You should not open up

Let’s face it: we don’t know very well what our associates’ staffers do with the letters we deliver, but we are able to be confident many of them never succeed further compared to the mail space. Phone calls and emails? Also much easier to disregard. But postcards don’t need established, therefore all a representative has to do is go by to see piles of postcards boasting very artistic motivation to learn more about confirmed cause.

3. Postcards tend to be super-easy to sign

Handing postcards that need only a signature and dropped into the post can vastly raise the number of people whom in fact contact Congress. The easier you make it for folks to take action, the greater individuals who will require action.

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MailMerge-Mass Printing For Envelopes, Invitations, Labels
MailMerge-Mass Printing For Envelopes, Invitations, Labels
Postcards Advertising And Direct Mail Advertising
Postcards Advertising And Direct Mail Advertising
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How to make Big money mailing Postcards Gpsfunnel2.0
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