May 3, 2023

When it comes to mailing your campaign, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) program has two different options for submitting your geographic mail campaign: EDDM® - Retail and BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit).

EDDM® - Retail is designed for businesses that want to send 5, 000 flyers/postcards and are willing to do all the steps themselves, including taking their campaign to the local post office(s) that serve the carrier route(s) selected.

EDDM® - BMEU is for businesses that either want to mail more than 5000 flyers/postcards or less but don’t want to do the necessary prep and legwork themselves. Some vendors that offer BMEU service will also prepare the postal documentation for you, but not all BMEU’s offer everything you need to do your EDDM campaign all in one place like EDDM2go does.

Here’s a helpful comparison for determining whether EDDM Retail or EDDM BMEU is right for you:

Key Characteristics of EDDM® Options

Every Door Direct Mail® – Retail Every Door Direct Mail® – BMEU


This means you handle everything:

  • Obtaining carrier route data
  • Researching USPS requirements
  • Creating a postcard/flyer
  • Handling the printing, necessary bundling and paperwork
  • Coordinating EDDM® postage and getting your bundles of mail to the post offices that serve the route(s) you selected

No permit is needed but quantity is limited to 5000 or less.

Note: EDDM2go is the only USPS approved provider that brings everything for EDDM into one place for easy online ordering, all-inclusive service and pricing.


Using a Business Mail Entry Unit means:

  • All of the printing, prep and postage is handled for you
  • Plus your campaign is entered directly into the local mail stream
  • Saving you from having to research requirements or deal with the post office yourself

BMEU also has no quantity limitation and their permit covers the indicia for you.

Note: Some printers offer EDDM® Retail services. Clarify exactly what steps will be left to you and don’t forget to factor in your time when adding up all the costs.

How EDDM2Go Can Help

If you are planning to carry out an EDDM® campaign on your own, you’re probably more likely to choose EDDM® Retail. It’s a convenient, affordable way to quickly initiate a geo-targeted direct marketing campaign.

However, at EDDM2Go, we make the process even simpler. A Direct Mail Partner of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), we submit all EDDM® mailings (regardless of quantity) to a BMEU. Not only is it cost-effective, it’s also:

More efficient. Your campaign can reach your recipients faster — in 10 days or less* from the time the order is placed.

Trackable. Because we ship your mailing from the BMEU to the DDU (destination delivery unit) via Priority Mail, this method also provides us with a way to track your mailing to verify what day it was entered into the mail stream.

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USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Video
USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Video
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Every Door Direct Mail™ | Mail Your Pizza Menus for 29¢
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The Top 5 Every Door Direct Mail® Questions
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