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December 26, 2022
Online postcard printing

Here’s challenging: distill a heinous key into tweet-like format, package it artistically on a postcard, and upload it for all to see.


“Sometimes I shower with my Brita, ” with a clipping of a showerhead sprinkling water on Brita bins.

Or, “My friends and I stole the Myles Standish Hall sign off regarding the region of the building and switched it into a beer pong dining table.”

And, “i will be therefore conscious of wrists ever since it simply happened, ” with a picture of a lady in a gown, red-ink slashes across the woman wrists.

Established on March 17, BU Secret promotes pupils to talk about anything they’ve never uncovered — hilarious, quirky, deep, or unfortunate — on a postcard presented at one of three web sites around university. Anonymity is assured.

The theory springs from Frank Warren’s PostSecret trend. Since 2004, Warren has actually gathered secrets from hundreds of thousands of anonymous postcard article authors. He's published four publications of cards and updates a blog each Sunday with new arrivals.

Marcucci states Warren has-been supporting of organization as well as its campus PostSecret-like activities.

“As long once we don’t make a blog site, after that its ok, ” she says. Active heads dubbed the event BU Secret to avoid legalities or confusion with Warren’s attempts.

Rene Acosta (CAS’10) and Sean Link (CAS’10) review the final selection of postcards gotten for BU Secret, as Active Minds copresident Laura Marcucci (CAS’10) looks over their particular arms. Picture by Kalman Zabarsky

Active Minds distributed 10, 000 postcards in on-campus pupil mailboxes and another 10, 000 in the George Sherman Union and in student apartment vestibules. Every card had a sticky note attached to the back providing contact information for Behavioral Medicine, the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, additionally the Samaritans of Boston suicide hotline.

A lot more than 800 postcards were returned to drop-off boxes in the GSU Link plus in dining halls in western Campus, Warren Towers, and Myles Standish Hall. Cards underwent a two-stage review process, Marcucci claims. Active Minds pupils sorted all of them to make sure all entries had been unknown which content was not offensive. A panel of three Behavioral Medicine specialists evaluated and vetted any flagged cards.

Gordon claims they kept criteria free to invite as numerous sounds that you can and break-down the stigma of “taboo dilemmas.” Only two were rejected because of the March 31 deadline.

“We really want to gather the campus neighborhood, ” she says. “Oftentimes, pupils feel separated. If they’re going right on through something, they feel they’re alone.”

All qualifying cards are now readily available for seeing on bulletin panels on Warren, West, and Myles Standish dinner halls. Shows include a summary of on-campus psychological state resources and a map showing the place of Behavioral Health. The theory, based on Marcucci and Gordon, is those that submitted cards or review a thing that strikes an unpleasant chord could have access to on-campus services.

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