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June 23, 2023
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Imagine if your business could go through the benefits of direct-mail without the necessity for brands or street addresses? Let's say you could get even more clients through your doorways, including clients? Let's say you can advertise your self in nearby areas to help grow your business and increase revenue? You will, and it’s easier than ever before, by way of Every Door Direct Mail.


EDDM is an effective solution to develop customers, providing prospects in your area a concrete postcard, which can be some thing they may be able feel, keep and make reference to each time they choose. Your post peice features stamina and pass-along value, therefore be sure to feature a call to action like s a coupon, occasion or advertising provide.

  • Build increased traffic - higher saturation
  • Less prep price, no addressing required and NCOA reports
  • Higher ROI, because no database to maintain
  • Less in postage


Every Door direct-mail can be acquired only for traditional Mail®, Saturation flats, irregular parcels, periodicals, and bound printed matter flats, and postage is computed making use of saturation degree prices.

Before you begin designing your per Door Direct Mail postcard, to ensure your postcard is setup to suit USPS mandated requirements.

  • Size of standard sizes: 6" x 9", 11.5" long by 6.125" high rather than to go beyond more than 15" lengthy or maybe more than 12" high
  • Weigh a maximum of .33 ounces
  • More than 200 peices much less than 5000 peices
  • Is not employed for delivering personal communication, bills, statements of account, handwritten letters, or typewritten letters

EDDM Made Simple with Print & Copy Factory

Every Door Direct Mail® Retail vs BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit): regarding mailing your campaign, the U.S. Postal provider (USPS) Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) system provides two alternatives for publishing your post promotion, EDDM® - Retail and BMEU (company Mail Entry Unit).

PRINT JUST. EDDM® - shopping is for businesses that desire to deliver to 5, 000 flyers/postcards and therefore are prepared to do-all the steps by themselves, including using their particular promotion into the neighborhood post office(s) that offer the carrier route(s) chosen. Bear in mind you will be accountable to print-out the documents and process the EDDM purchase. For here is how you are able to process an EDDM purchase, visit:

Print & Copy Factory FULL-SERVICE. EDDM® - BMEU is for businesses that often would you like to send over 5000 flyers/postcards or less but don’t wish to accomplish the mandatory preparation and legwork by themselves. Print & Copy Factory is a Direct Mail Partner of this USPS. We submit and execute your Every Door Direct Mail® promotion to a BMEU for you personally.

4.5" x 12" EDDM Postcard PDF
6" x 12" EDDM Postcard PDF
6.5" x 9" EDDM Postcard PDF
6.5" x 12" EDDM Postcard
6.5" x 8" EDDM Postcard PDF
7" x 8.5" EDDM Postcard
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EDDM Direct Mail Florida, USPS Every Door Direct Mail
EDDM Direct Mail Florida, USPS Every Door Direct Mail ...
How to use the USPS EDDM Mapping Tool- Every Door Direct Mail
How to use the USPS EDDM Mapping Tool- Every Door Direct Mail
How to get FREE Every Door Direct Mail Design Templates
How to get FREE Every Door Direct Mail Design Templates
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