Small Business Postage solutions

May 2, 2023
A Desktop Mailing System for

Postage Solutions
Postage yards and Computer Postage services and products offer the capability of postage as it's needed from your own home or company. Many PC Postage services and products include important functions, such as for instance software accounting of mailing expenses and built-in machines for exact postage calculations. Get the full story at .

Commercial Costs
For those who have large amounts of post and they are ready to invest some time mastering more info on organizing and sorting post, you may qualify for lower postage costs. To be eligible for these costs, you have to send about 200 updates, leaflets, or adverts or 500 or higher postcards, letters, or invoices at a time. For more information on whether commercial mail is suitable for your enterprise or organization, accessibility company Mail 101 at For more information on commercial costs for Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and Global Mail, check out

Pickup On Need®
For a charge, the post-office will get your postage-paid qualifying packages out of your home, small business or company within a planned 2-hour time period. There isn't any additional fee for picking up multiple bits of post. Proper postage must be attached to every piece ahead of pickup. Call 1·800·222·1811 or go to for additional information including qualifying bundles or even set up a pickup.

Bundle Pickup™
Package Pickup may be the simple, convenient solution to send qualifying plans. Just distribute your request online at along with your page provider will collect the packages in their normal delivery time. This solution is cost-free, regardless of the few packages you may be giving. If it is a one-time occasion or numerous shipments, you can plan your pickup routine to 3 months in the foreseeable future. Browse for extra information or even to schedule a pickup now.

Free Products
In The Event That You mail plenty of Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail items, you can save trips to your Post-office by purchasing packaging materials, including envelopes and boxes, on line at or by phoning 1·800·222·1811.

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