UPS for small Business

December 26, 2022
A Preview of TED@UPS 2015

Your business is a balancing act. Competing priorities, tasks, and resources needs to be considered, and value and need must align.

Our broad range of solutions allows you to discover the balance that's right for you personally, whether you'll need your deliveries to arrive 24 hours later and/or in a few days.

Reliable Surface Shipping

Prompt, dependable, and affordable, this solution is perfect for routine shipments.

Guaranteed In Full Express Solutions

Ship high-priority items and acquire time- and day-definite distribution along with no-cost UPS packaging.

On The Web Freight Options

Air, truckload, and LTL freight shipments could all be scheduled online with similar resources you use to deliver and keep track of envelopes and packages.

With one pickup for the outbound deliveries, you save time-and by consolidating your express, floor, and freight delivery, it can save you cash, also. You can expect a no cost 60% rebate for first-time UPS Freight®LTL users; get the unique price once you make your first delivery.

Convenient Pickups and Drop-offs for Different degrees of Need

Whether you ship a little or a whole lot, it's easy to ensure you get your bundles to us. With over 58, 000 drop-off places, like the UPS Store® system, UPS Customer facilities, authorized outlets, and fall cardboard boxes, you will find us irrespective of where you're.

For the people companies just who like choice of a pickup but do not need one each day, use eco-friendly UPS Smart Pickup®: a motorist is automatically notified whenever you process a shipment through our delivery systems.

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UPS Joins Inc. to Offer Advice for Small Businesses
UPS Joins Inc. to Offer Advice for Small Businesses
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