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February 10, 2024
Clinton campaign awards

ED PEAVY • Founder/Managing Partner

Ed Peavy began campaign life, and got his big break, in Pennsylvania on the Harris Wofford for Senate race. After years of going from state to state and campaign to campaign, picking up experience and gaining invaluable know-how, Ed envisioned having his own company. What started as a small, three-person operation in 2001 has grown into a nationally known, well-respected firm because of its unwavering commitment to each client.

When not reducing Republicans to tears, Ed enjoys watching copious amounts of sports with his son, John; cycling a crazy number of miles with his wife, Becky, and oldest daughter, Bridgette; and watching his youngest daughter, Annie, compete at dressage.

If there is one running theme in Ed’s life, it’s winning, and that shows in his dedication to each campaign.

ADNAAN MUSLIM • Partner/Accounts Director

After working as a political fundraiser at the congressional and municipal level, Adnaan joined up with Ed at Direct Response in 1999. Two years later Mission Control was formed and, through hard work and a willingness to share an office with the kitchenette, Adnaan became a Partner in 2002. Since then, Adnaan has served as the company’s Accounts Director and now as the Creative Director, playing a vital role in both overall campaign strategy and the creative process. With over a decade of experience advising candidates, senators, governors and members of Congress across the country on the most efficient and effective way to reach voters through mail, Adnaan has a refined understanding of how powerful direct mail can be when done creatively and on message. Despite respecting Adnaan’s uncanny ability to craft headlines with perfect cadence and his dedication to ensuring all clients receive sound, strategic advice tailored to their campaign, we are worried. Even while being ensconced between the hectic world of Mission Control and the equally chaotic state of raising two daughters, Sofia and Lily, with his wife, Gina, Adnaan has found time to remain a die-hard Jets, Mets and Knicks fan. Someone needs to remind him Namath retired, the Mets just suck and the Knicks won’t win until they learn how to play defense.

Amy Pritchard is a 25-year veteran of Democratic and Progressive campaigns. She has been a senior strategist with Mission Control since 2007. She specializes in campaign planning, targeting, program, and program development for many of our labor union, ballot initiative and candidate campaigns clients. She is a digital communications expert as well. Amy is a political entrepreneur and an adventurer known as much for starting organizations as for her international exploits. When she isn't busy with the MC Team, she travels for the National Democratic Institute (NDI) teaching fledgling political parties in developing democracies. She's managed voter education campaigns in Egypt, a youth political academy in Rwanda, and trained political party leaders, candidates, and civil society activists in Iraq, Burma, Libya, Kosovo and the Iranian diaspora.

In 2003, Pritchard founded Democratic GAIN – an association for Democratic and Progressive political professionals that supports individuals and organizations through training, professional development and employment services. In 2004, she took a leave from her consulting to serve full time as the Political Director of the Democratic National Committee. One of the nation’s leading experts on initiatives and referenda, Pritchard is a past board member and original founder of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC), an organization that monitors and provides strategic guidance to progressive ballot measure campaigns. In 1995, Pritchard managed the successful statewide campaign to defeat an anti-gay ballot initiative in Maine. From 1997 to 1998 Pritchard served as the Midwest and Northeast Political Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Pritchard has trained extensively for many organizations, including for the DNC, DCCC, AARP, Wellstone Action, BISC, AFSCME, SEIU and Progressive Majority and internationally for NDI and the Women’s Campaign International. Pritchard also has grassroots lobbying and organizing experience, having worked for the Human Rights Campaign, Service Employees International Union and the American Psychological Association. She is active on several boards including those of Democratic GAIN, the Women's Information Network, the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) and American Family Voices, and serves as Treasurer of Congressman Steny Hoyer's Leadership PAC.

Source: www.missioncontrolinc.net
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