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September 7, 2023
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Mass Mailer

What's a bulk email transmitter?

Bulk e-mail Sender is software popular by email-marketers for delivering email messages (such as newsletters) to a big set of recipients. It allows you to spread the headlines regarding the products or services to a big audience in a short span of the time.

Why do I need Atomic Mail Sender?

With Atomic Mail Sender, you can develop and deliver endless email messages to any quantity of recipients. Atomic Mail Sender is professional superior size email pc software for the email marketing promotions.

Exist limits on the few details regarding the email record?

You can have endless number of email details in your email list.

May I personalize my e-mails?

Mass MailerForward customized emails to all or any your recipients with one simply click. By using tokens in the torso of the e-mail, our bulk mail transmitter will replace these with the receiver's name, town, website target, or just about any other information linked to the individual.

How can I make use of an SMTP host with Atomic Mail Sender?

Versatile SMTP options. Use any SMTP server that you have got access, including free ESP SMTPs, built-in SMTP, or one you found/rented/bought. (If you do not know where you'll get an SMTP host, read this article: SMTP for Atomic Email Marketing Software. Atomic bulk email transmitter lets you rotate SMTP computers, limit the wide range of emails delivered through each SMTP, set distribution delays, and even more.

Is Atomic Mail Sender proxy-compatible?

Supports proxies, proxy rotation, custom DNS, customized headers.

Exactly what are the importing options?

Mass MailerImport e-mail lists from clipboard, , and more file formats. Our team mailer can transfer e-mails from your Outlook target book or use e-mail lists generated by our e-mail Extractor or any other email harvester.

Just how do I monitor the results of a promotion?

Atomic Mail Sender is a reliable size e-mail sender for mass e-mail marketing, but a volume mail sender can be used for giving e-mails, so when it comes to tracking the outcomes and taking activities according to all of them, you have to use a message tracker. Whenever incorporated with Atomic Email Tracker (our web-based publication monitoring system), the size mailer allows you to get a handle on and compare the potency of your email promotions by monitoring which opens up your email messages, whenever, from just what nation and a lot of notably, which links do recipients simply click. The solution provides you with the capability to check always what amount of delivered e-mails had been opened and just how many backlinks in an email had been clicked; in addition it allows contrast of effectiveness of email campaigns and programs people which countries' recipients are far more energetic. Nevertheless the e-mail tracker goes beyond these functions by actually showing the email target of each user that clicks a link, the full time of their web site go to, additionally the web page they arrived on. This purpose is very helpful for deciding who is prepared get a product, and makes it simple to check out with another mail or a phone telephone call.

Are there any programs that must be used with Atomic Mail Sender?

Atomic Mail Sender is a stand-alone bulk mailer system. All you need to send volume email messages is an Internet connection. Start this system, edit or weight your email list, and hit "Send"! The beauty of our bulk email sender is that you are in complete control over it, however you've got therefore small to-do to get it operating.

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