Cheapest Postcard Printing

November 22, 2023
Door Hanger Printing Toronto

Postcards and direct mail printing ProvidenceA postcard direct mail piece is one of the cheapest, most practical ways to reach customers. Almost all direct mail gets read, and direct mail is the method people say they prefer when they don’t already know your business.

Printing Your Postcards

We custom print every postcard order, which means you receive a high level of customer service. We're here for you to ask any questions and we are experts, so we can help you choose what’s best for your goals.

US Postal Service Mail Regulations

We understand all the USPS rules for layout, addressing, sorting and pre-sorting—subjects that are very complex and require experts. When you work with AlphaGraphics Waltham of Boston Metro West, you can talk with an expert about your mail project.

Paper Choices and Soy Ink

We have many types of paper to choose from: glossy paper, matte or silk, UV coated, and post-consumer waste paper. At AlphaGraphics we use soy ink to produce the vibrant color for your postcards. There are several standard sizes, of which these are the most common:
4.25” x 6”
5” x 7”
6” x 9”
Other sizes are available, so don't worry if you don't see your size here. But a word of caution: US mail regulations make some sizes more expensive to mail than others. You will want to be sure that your piece meets postal regulations or you could be subject to higher rates for postage. When you work with us at AlphaGraphics Waltham, we can advise you on this.

Customer Mailing Lists

Use your existing list or let us help you buy a list for your direct mail printing project. Another alternative is that we can send to specific zip codes you choose using the new, cheaper USPS postage program, Every Door Direct.

Variable Data Postcard Printing

Maybe you'd like to customize your direct mailer printing with your customer’s name. We can do that. Direct mail with custom content gets more attention. Maybe you'd like several variable like “Dear [Jane Doe], We know that at [Jane’s Company], you buy a lot of [Janes preferred product]…”

More Postcard Printing Ideas

Try a QR code on your mail pieces. A recipient can scan the code to visit your mobile web site, or you can share your contact information with them that way. A QR code can direct a person anywhere you want to take them on their mobile phone. A postcard is also a good place to have an SMS promotion incentive. Invite recipients to text a code to a number you set up. Offer a coupon as incentive, and later you will be able to send offers that they actually want to receive. We can also set up personal url campaigns for you. Sometimes called PURLs, these are good for highly targeted lists. Your postcards can be imprinted with custom urls on each which direct the recipient to a web site with his or her own name, like There, you can ask them to complete a mini-registration and answer a short list of qualifying questions. This is particularly effective for recipients who are highly motivated to engage. For instance, donors to a charity or certain types of groups who have a high level of interest in your message.

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